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Safe Security is a leading bespoke security provider that offers the highest standards of service.

Bespoke and
tailored services
Trained, licensed
security officers
Industry leader in
counter terrorism
Over 20 Years
of experience


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How are the security officers recruited?

We seek out and hire only the elite from the security field. Our stringent selection process ensures that our officers are the best in the business.

The majority of our officers and security staff are hand selected from specialist backgrounds including the armed forces, special police and counter terrorism units from all over the world.

What will your security detail wear?

We like our officers to look smart and professional. However, we understand that our standard dress code may not always fit the occasion. Our officers are adaptable and able to dress to your needs and that of the occasion in order to blend in.

Are your officers insured?

Yes, our parent company Safe Security has full employers, public liability, and indemnity insurance which covers all of our employees. Details of this are available on request.

Who do you employ?

Safe Security only employs security officers of the highest standard - selected not just for their capabilities in security, but also for their approachable manner, personality, and professionalism.

Every officer goes through a period of training - no matter what their background. This includes our four core areas, but they may additionally be trained in areas including:

  • Explosive Recognition
  • Reporting and Description
  • Emergency Procedure
  • Room Search
  • Body Search
  • Communications
  • Legal Aspects
  • Recognition of Suspicious Letters/Parcels

All our officers’ training is regularly updated to ensure they are able to understand and respond correctly to new intelligence and threats. This includes regular lectures such as ‘Know your enemy’.

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