Krav Maga Training

Krav Maga is the specialist hand-to-hand combat system developed by the Israeli Defence Forces. It was born of a hostile environment in which combatants could not devote precious time to grasp traditional hand-to-hand combat training. Therefore, the system was created to arm officers with a high level of combat proficiency in a relatively short period of time. It is considered to be a the most highly refined combat fighting system in the field and is designed to be used to rapidly disarm and neutralise an attacker.

The philosophy of this approach emphasises instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios allowing us to provide clients with invaluable tools to manage almost any aggressive situation.

Training content

  • Understanding of KM concepts and practical application
  • Hand to hand combat strategies
  • Key defence techniques for assault
  • Defensive tools against common attack approaches
  • Defensive approach and disbarment of an armed attacker
  • Psychological dimensions of combat
  • How to utilise the environment to your advantage


Clients will initially receive an internationally recognised passport. This passport provides a valuable log of each individual's level of proficiency, and clients will be encouraged to achieve the following levels:

  • White belt (3 months to advance)
  • Yellow belt (6 months to advance)
  • Orange belt (1y ear to advance)
  • Green belt (1 year to advance)
  • Blue belt (1 year to advance)
  • Brown belt (1 year to advance)
  • Black (1 year to advance)

Extended training allows clients to refine the skills required to neutralise an opponent quickly and effectively, and both intensive short courses and ongoing training programmes are available to our clients.

Please contact us for more details.

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