Close Protection & Body Guarding

In the current climate there is an increasing threat to the safety and personal security of leaders of industry, high-profile personalities, foreign dignitaries, and those entering high-risk situations. Our Close Protection and Body Guarding Services address these real threats with effective and professional security solutions. Our team of experts have been trained by the leading minds in security in order to offer you the highest level of protection with the least disruption.

Our range of Close Protection and Body Guarding services includes:

  • Conducting advance checks and reconnaissance
  • Organising and implementing arrival and departure arrangements
  • Planning security procedures for public occasions
  • Searching vehicles and buildings
  • Supervising international and domestic travel arrangements
  • Liaising with local police and security organisations
  • Preparing and practicing emergency drills
  • Risk assessment
  • Security concept
  • Residential Security
  • Security escort section/close protection
  • Special event security
  • Around-the-clock and ad-hoc security
  • High-Risk International courier service

Meticulous planning, advanced preparations, counter-surveillance, and protective intelligence make our team superior in the industry. It is why many VHNWIs, celebrities, and dignitaries employ our services time and time again.

We believe that personal security services should be both effective and as unobtrusive as possible, and that the quality and professionalism of personnel is paramount to your safety and privacy.

International training and ongoing evaluation of our staff ensures our operatives are continually assessed and updated in the ever-changing field of modern day tactics and counter tactics. Thus, we are able to provide individuals and groups with a comprehensive security service and peace of mind in any environment.

Safe Security undertakes any and all security needs that may arise in accordance with our ongoing commitment to the diversification of our security activity. Please contact us to discuss your specific security requirements.

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