Canine division

Safe Security provide highly-trained security dogs to offer extra protection to your premises or event. As well as offering a strong visual deterrent, our dogs are specifically trained in search and recover, handler protection, and in neutralising human threat.

Explosives search dogs

Specialising in the searching for explosives in vehicles, on premises, open-air functions and people. Our dogs are routinely trained to understand and detect new explosive threats including C4, Semtex, and IED’s.

Drugs search dogs

This discipline is utilised where a dog has to search for substances that may be hidden on a person, in a vehicle, or on premises. To avoid any 'fear factor', the dogs used are of the Pointer or Gun Dog type breeds e.g Labradors. This makes them suitable security dogs for environments like festivals.

As with explosives, our dogs are routinely introduced to new substances to recognise the substances being sought.

Security dogs/General purpose police dogs

High Profile Security dogs have proved to be the most successful deterrent available.

Due to the dogs acute senses of smell and hearing, it is almost impossible for the 'would be' intruder to pass undetected by the dog. This factor gives great confidence to the Handler in a remote and/or high-risk environment especially during the 'silent hours’.

Safe Security takes special care to ensure that all Security Dogs receive the required training to pick up and indicate the presence of an intruder and defend the Handler with or without words of command.


We treat our dogs with the upmost care and respect. They are never pushed beyond their individual limits. Safe Security adheres to the standards set by the British Security Industries Leading Body, and follows the aims and objectives of the NASDU.

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